This is why we’re trained and certified with more auto makers then any shop in central Mississippi
  • One Stop Shop
    We only recommend OEM factory parts so your car is safe and returned to its pre-accident condition. We accept all insurance but work for you.
  • Use Quality Parts
    To repair your car to the best of our ability utilizing the most highly respected brand of equipment and materials available to our industry.
  • Trained Employees
    We make the training of everyone involved in the service process to be an ongoing positive part of their job at Clinton Body Shop.
  • Maintain Relationships
    Positive relationships with the customer and the insurance company allow us to provide the level of quality your car deserves.
  • Minimize Downtime
    To minimize the down time on your car by making repairs right the first time.  We know you don’t have time to have the same job done twice.
  • Help Our Community
    To be good business citizens and help our community as much as possible. We are a full fledge partner with MSU!

“We take pride in perfection!”

Owner: John Mosley
Manager: Daniel Mosley

Be aware, in today’s world many well-known insurers are trying to save money on auto collision repairs at the expense of the consumer. At Clinton Body Shop, we refuse to take part in insurer programs that force body shops to cut corners and use after market or salvaged parts. These programs are forced onto some auto body shops if they want to retain that insurers business. It is a violation of the law if any insurer tells you, you must use their preferred shop. You have the right to choose where you want to go for your repair. At Clinton Body Shop our technicians are thoroughly trained in the use of the latest state of the art measuring equipment and their exacting application in the repair process. Our employees are certified collision specialists and receive ongoing training from ICAR and ASE industry certification programs. These programs provide ongoing technical training in proper collision repair practices. In addition, the manufacturers of our high-tech frame, body repair, and paint systems keep our technicians up to date with new technology and use of their equipment and materials. It’s essential with today vehicles that have sensors and high-tech systems that shortcuts and after market parts are not used. It is for this reason Clinton Body Shop always recommends using OEM or Original Equipment Manufactured body parts. Whereas we except all insurance, be rest assured we will always fight for our customers right to have their cars and trucks returned to their original pre-accident condition. The choice is yours, so we ask, why not choose a body shop that’s certified by the manufacture that actually made your car? Clinton Body Shop has more certifications than any shop in the Jackson Mississippi area. That’s why we’ve always said, we take pride in perfection!

We use only OEM factory parts so your car is safe, wont lose value and returned to its pre-accident condition.

We are a full fledged partner with MSU

We were honored with the opportunity to paint this beautiful vehicle for Mississippi State University’s “Halo Project”

MSU Debuts ‘Halo Project’ supercar in Las Vegas

STARKVILLE, Miss.— Mississippi State researchers and students are traveling 1,757 miles this week to unveil the university’s “Halo Project” supercar at the world’s premier automotive specialty products trade event. Read More

Limited Lifetime Warranty

All Warranty on parts and materials are by the manufacturer of the part or material. All warranty on labor and workmanship for repairs performed by Clinton Body Shop, Inc. are for the duration of the ownership by the person for whom it was repaired.

Suspension Alignments
All suspension alignment warranties are limited to 30 days.

Sublet Repairs
Sublet repairs not performed by Clinton Body Shop are warranted for two years unless the sublet repair facility offers a longer warranty.

All paint work performed by Clinton Body Shop, Inc. is guaranteed for three years unless the owner of the vehicle chooses to participate in a lifetime warranty program. The lifetime warranty requires the owner to bring the repaired vehicle into Clinton Body Shop at least twice a year at intervals not to exceed six months for wax protection and paint touch-up. The costs of these will not exceed two hours of shop labor. Fit and corrosion resistance are guaranteed by the manufacturer of the part or for two years, whichever is longer. The same applies to used and recycled parts. Clinton Body Shop makes no warranty on any part that has rusted through before we make a repair on that panel. Once a panel has rusted through; it will likely continue to do so. Clinton Body Shop cannot warranty damage to paint from impact of hard objects such as rocks, car doors, etc. We cannot warranty damage incurred from environmental damage including wind and acid rain. We cannot warranty damage caused by power washers, harsh detergents or owner abuse. We reserve the right to have manufacture’s representatives inspect vehicles with questionable warranty claims. Their findings may impact acceptance of a warranty claim.

Any warranty other than the warranty specified is implied and is not that of Clinton Body Shop, Inc.