COVID19 Update

In an effort to keep our work force, our customers and our vendors as safe as possible during these trying times, we have implemented the following safety precautions

For our workforce and our vendors

  1. We have masks in stock. Wear them while you’re working.
  2. Wear rubber gloves while working and avoid contact with your face, nose, etc.
  3. Make sure the interiors of our customers cars are covered before you get in it.
  4. Wash your hands often. Do your part to make sure the bathrooms are left neat and clean
  5. We have designated part bins. We will ask our vendors to call us prior to bringing parts over. Once we get the call and know what parts are being delivered, we will tell the vendor what bin the parts can be placed in. Our parts people will verify the parts with the invoice after the parts man has left. The delivery person is welcome to wait in their vehicle while we check the order for accuracy.
  6. We will provide an alcohol-based spray, Decon to spray and wipe the customers vehicle as the last step prior to delivery. Our staff needs to advise the owner of the vehicle that we will do this in the unlikely event the owner chooses not to have the vehicle wiped down with the cleaner. Feel free to let the owner smell the Decon. It doesn’t leave a bad smell.
  7. Be conscious of your physical condition. Consult the Center for Disease Control information available on the internet regarding identifying symptoms and how and when to consult a medical professional. While we want everyone on guard, we don’t want to create an unnecessary burden on the medical field if we simply have a runny nose or watery eye. This is the time of year that allergies affect many of us. You are the person who will best recognize a need to see the doctor. If you feel the need to see a doctor, by all means please do so.
  8. If you are an employee of Clinton Body Shop and know you have been exposed to corona virus (CORVID-19) or if your family member has, see me (John Mosley) immediately so we can be sure we are taking the latest steps approved by the CDC. The White House is making daily updates to address this pandemic and what we are told to do today may be different tomorrow.

For insurance representatives

Schedule an appointment prior to coming to the shop for new writes and supplements. We will have the vehicle in a designated area in order to limit your exposure to shop personnel. We have gloves and masks in stock if you don’t have your own. We will be happy to provide them at no charge. We will have a printed copy of our estimate or supplement with the vehicle. After you perform your inspection, call us with any questions or input. As we proceed with these changes, let us know if you see improvements that would be beneficial for all involved.

For our customers

Advise our customers we can accept their insurance estimate by email. We will also send our estimates to the customer via email. Although we know photos don’t show all the damage, we can start an estimate based on photos and will be happy to instruct the owner as to the best way to take accurate photos. Once the vehicle is in the shop, we can disassemble and prepare a complete blueprint for repair and will send the blueprint along with any additional photos to the owner. We offer a free pick-up and delivery service. Our appraisers have been briefed as to how to handle payment arrangements for any customer wanting to use the delivery service.

We are implementing these changes in an effort to not expose anyone to unnecessary health risks. These procedures may change as we proceed with this endeavor. Please be patient with us and understand we are looking out for everyone involved.


-John E. Mosley